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Date: 10/08/2008 | Solar Communities

Find New Homes in Solar Communities

Lennar Solar Communities combine the power of solar electricity with the highest standards in energy-efficient products and construction.

Lennar incorporates SOLARplus technology into the new home construction of Solar Communities. SOLARplus uses durable and reliable solar panels to automatically convert sunlight into electricity, even on cloudy days. Then an inverter converts this solar electricity for household use. When production exceeds use, the electricity meter spins backward and homeowners receive credit from the local utility. A private and secure monitoring system ensures maximum power output and allows homeowners to view their energy production and usage online, before being billed.

In addition, Lennar’s Solar Homes feature energy-efficient materials such as radiant heat barrier, high-efficiency lighting, high-efficiency appliances, and dual-glazed windows help to maximize utility bill savings.

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  1. Jessie Hasten Says:

    Really like the blog. I’ve been building solar panels for small businesses for months now and carrying out pretty well… Greatful I found this place.

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